Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This into That: School Spirit Wreath

 I had this wreath form that I intended to make a second straw wreath with. I also need something a little fun for my classroom. So I pulled out the form.

Pink is not a school color- but I really didn't want to cause more damage by taking off the ribbon- so I left it. I found some navy felt- which IS a school color. :)
 I haphazardly cut the felt sheets into one inch to one and a half inch felt strips.

Weilding my hot glue gun I started wrapping the felt around the ribbon-covered form.

Here is the wreath covered in felt.

I ALSO found some left-over striped straws- PERFECT! I cut them into thirds and halves. I used about 25 straws.
 Then I started gluing...and tying- sorry I had to see how it might look! I glued the straws close to the inner edge of the wreath.

I then made a hanger for the wreath...you know, so it can hang.

I finished tying the ribbons around the bottom corner of the wreath. I tied the scraps around the wreath and then slid them to stagger a bit around the wreath.

Here's my cute SCHOOL SPIRIT wreath! All set to find it's way into my classroom!

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