Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Into That...Bathroom Caddy

 I decided to show you around my kids' bathroom. Having four children is a lesson in logistics for me. I was pretty excited about this bathroom organizer- featured in Pottery Barn for $99.00 without personalization and $7.00 more with it. I think it's darling-but would never buy it for that price. Lucky me, I found it at Down East for $14.00!

The main drawback to it was that it was $14.00 because it had be personalized and my daughter's name isn't Kelsey. So I started to remove the name with Goo-Be-Gone but it was taking off some of the paint and looking pretty messy. We have a problem with corralling bobby-pins in our bathrooms, too. They seem to be everywhere when you don't need them and nowhere when you do.

I made a run down to my local office supply and picked up some magnet sheet- the ones I used happen to be 4x6 pieces and came in a set of two. I pulled them out, traced a design on one and cut it out with scissors. I used it as an inverted template for the other. Remove the paper backing and stick into place. Perfect! The magnets cost me a grand total of $3.50 with my savings was a total of : $88.50. Super.

The next project was one you've probably seen on Pinterest. It's an oatmeal can, painted with an old candle in a cut porcelain container turned upside down and affixed with hot glue. (I did put some additional cardboard in the bottom to offer more support.)

I have TWO toothbrush locations in my house. This is one, the downstairs bathroom is another. {It seems like everyone ALWAYS forgets to brush their teeth until we are out-the-door and if I send them back upstairs to do it...they somehow get lost.} I organize this with a Dollarstore utensil sorter (I thought I was soo smart...but it's on Pinterest, now, too.). I love it because I can was it out quite often- in the sink or in the dishwasher, easy peasy. 
I also have mini cleaner caddies in EACH bathroom. {I'm telling you, any time my children leave my presence they fall into the Narnia closet.} I'm transitioning to better cleaning product {off of Pinterest, of course!} but haven't used all of these up, yet and I'm cheap. These include a small bottle of window cleaner and paper towels, a disinfectant, a toilet cleaner, gloves and usually a multipurpose cleaner for counter-tops and floors. This allows me to clean without wasting my time running all over the house looking for cleaning products. Also kids don't have to wait for each other to finish with products to finish their chores. Win-Win.

Tomorrow I'll show you some other things I think I'm clever about- but I'd LOVE your suggestions, too. Everyone always has a better way to do things- Exhibit A, Pinterest!


  1. Love the utensil tray idea, but sadly no drawers in the bathroom. And I definitely need a cheap way to store my hair dryer and flat iron.

  2. Great ideas!! I don't have a draw either but I think I could put the utensil tray in the cupboard!! Thanks for sharing!:)

  3. What great ideas!! Loving the caddy and the magnet idea is a great one!! We usually have them all over the place and can never find one when needed! So happy to have found this :)