Friday, July 13, 2012

Nikki's Niche- Cupcake Liner Wreath

You've noticed I've been crushing on cupcake liners lately?  Totally guilty. I realized just the other day, as I was cleaning up from another project- I had quite a few cupcake liners just waiting to be used. Not just one size,either...THREE!  So I got to work.

I grabbed my supplies making sure my pencil didn't have a lead and wouldn't poke through the papers on it's own (without MY additional pressure).

For the center of the top of the wreath, I wanted some texture and some ability to "fluff" the wreath later. I layered the liners smallest to largest, each fitting in the next ( you could also do it the other way).

After I layered them, I wrapped them around my dull but rounded pencil, applied hot glue around the tip and gently but firmly inserted them into the wreath form. If you poke holes through the liners- you often see through the liners to the wreath. I don't want that, so if I do poke through I glue another one in that isn't.

I want the wreath to look balanced- so I try and work "balanced" I numbered these for you so that you can see instead of just working around the wreath- I pop back and forth, trying to use the same number of liners on each side.

I ended up using JUST the mini liners on the inside- the larger ones closed off the hole. I also mostly used mini liners on the outside, but that was just because that's what I had the most of.

I'm pretty happy with it so far. It will be great to dress up and use in many different places- I love the look and the color.

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