Monday, July 16, 2012

The Art of Clipboard Design, Part I

I've recommitted myself to organization....again. I don't know if it's because I have a problem or if we truly do need all the papers that are in our home. Between phone lists and schedules and school assignments {x6} there is just waaaay tooo much information that has begun to pile in my once fantastically organized spaces. I needed something cheap, fast and {hopefully} cute. I'll reveal in three parts...
Enter the $1.47 clipboard from Walmart. I however had to tie down my type A personality to allow my children to decorate their own clipboard. I LOVE their paintings and drawings and doodles...but they are all disposable, rotatable and often later go into files...THESE would be a little more permanent. Now I 'm focusing on how neat it will be to have my 16 year-old son still use a clipboard he decorated when he was 2. {awww, cute!}

Here is said 2 year-old decorating his clipboard. He is using acrylic paint- and does have an apron on, which he put on after he took off his shirt...uber protected from paint, now. I love his use of red and orange, don't you?

Here's his oldest sister...also wearing an apron.

And his older brother...please note THIS apron picture will probably be used as blackmail at a later time. I especially like the pink ric-rac and zebra-print ribbon peeking out. He went a bit more masculine on his clipboard. ;)

Here is our youngest daughter carefully and methodically planning her masterpiece. She slowed to a snails' pace when I was taking her picture.

And Dad. Yep. Even talked him into doing his board, too.
So all in all it was a fabulous start to a fun family project...stop by tomorrow when I show you MY clipboard! Pop over to Mindy Mae's Market blog for some cute, cute ideas for old windows this week and to Mindy Mae's Market for some amazing vendor features, too!

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