Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just Milk It...

We have Party On! Designs sharing their DARLING milk jugs with us over in our SHOP.

I thought I would do some 'research' about how to use these cute touches in a celebration setting and then I thought, "Why don't I share"?  Because, believe it or not, Pinterest DOESN'T have EVERYTHING. ;)

UCreate Parties- Oh.My.Heck. Seriously love the use of the baskets, the soda crate, the good ole stand-bys of comfort desserts...homemade oreos, cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. Pretty much reminds me of my grandmas house.

Cookie Mondays- This cute little bakery party is so sweet it will give you a toothache. From the mini chef hats to the play cooking to the layered cookie birthday cake- you don't want to miss this!!

The Tom Kat Studio- One of Courtney's and my FAVORITE party-throwers, Tom Kat does it YET again with this adorable Milk and Cookies Birthday Party! Such cute touches and perfectly wholesome use of milk jars!

Kid Crave- This little party could double as a sweeter-than-sugar Valentine's Day soiree. A dash of brown and pink...could go heavy on either to lean towards or away from the fairer sex. Clean and classic- you can't go wrong with MILK. 

Smidge and a Pinch- You really need to stop here. I am loving the vintage birthday banner, the burlap-wrapped milk jugs, the use of retro milk containers and the simplistic but stunning cookie that say 'MAX'. This party is perfect...to the MAX. ;)

Wanna party, now? Stop by Mindy Mae's Market for YOUR Milk and Cookie party-starters.

Stop by Turning This Into That for some yarn-inpiration you may have been yearning for.

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