Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Turning into a Train Party...Perfect Printables!

Chugging right along with our Train party... here were some of the lovely printables that were used (and now available through us in shop- contact us at mindymaesmarket{at}gmail{dot}com for more information about them)!

This party wasn't without hiccups- Mother Nature was working against us. We had terrific wind and our light sprinkle wasn't so light towards the end of the party (or when people decided they'd had enough). We didn't get to fully utilize the beautiful pennant banner, the "Happy Birthday" banner and a couple of other "finishing touches". Our beautiful cake also ran late and so our spread wasn't fully complete for a while.
It was in a terrific location, however! We'll show you some of the other touches to the party tomorrow...

In the meantime- check out the theme for this week's Link-up over at Mindy Mae's blog.


  1. Do you know if there is a way to make the label on the water-bottles waterproof?

    1. Kadie, I would just have the copy shop laminate them. Ours weren't waterproof. {Kind of a do-it and chuck-it type of party.} I'll think about some other options that might be possible, too. Cute pillows, btw!

  2. So cute! If my little man is still into trains next year this could be right up his alley. Pinned the straw "flags" so cute and you could even use it to customize drinks so you can tell whose is whose.