Monday, July 30, 2012

Turning Into A Shopper...

I'm not a big shopping fan. Not just clothes or home, too. I would rather do almost anything than go shopping. Scrub the floor...done. Pull some teeth...done. Clean the toilet- even that.

However. I must admit. I dooo love perusing Etsy, Shopify and the ever popular Pinterest. Usually its for inspiration or to find things {let's be honest} I can copy and do myself. However, I've decided to practice shopping without any additonal action on my part...and you get to come along. :) 

These Twinkle Sparkers from Giant Dwarf would be terrific for my soon-to-be 10 year-old going back to school. She's kinda growing out of the bow stage but still need something pretty but not too over-the-top. Plus...I could "borrow" them!

I've seen a lot of Mr. and Mrs. things around...and some His and Hers. I saw these Couple Keychains by Jewelmint and thought how cute it would be to give my Mr. the key ring that says 'Hers' and that I could keep the one that says 'His'. Maybe I'm behind the curve {which is typical} but I LOVE that.

We are creating a cottage-y feeling home and I really love to include industrial elements. We've pulled some in from all over. I would love to include some of these metal wire cages to cover some of my lights. This one is from Industrial Rewind and the price is perfect.
How about this great idea from TJLovePrints? This is a thumb print tree for a baby shower! I have a few of these coming up {eventually} in my future, as an auntie and I would love to use this as a keepsake for my SILs!

The last on this listing is this 'National Safety Town Instructor' t-shirt from RareAves. I'll be teaching 7th grade Engineering Technology this next school year and I thought this might be a funny {though unappreciated} touch to the Safety Unit I will be leading the first weeks of school.

That was fun! Pretty harmless- so far. Let me know...what are some of YOUR favorite Etsy shops? Maybe we'll have to do some door-to-door {so-to-speak} visits of them!

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