Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Turning into a Train Party...Food First.

Courtney's and my first attempt at putting on a party. We wanted to go low-key so that we could notate our mistakes and things we wanted to change -without the guest of honor killing us. We chose Courtney's nephew's 3rd birthday party. I thought I could outrun him if things went terribly wrong.

Today I'll show you the food we served. Keep in mind it was for 3 year-olds, at a park and that we had a rain storm spontaneously in the middle of it (through the end).

We served animal crackers for two reasons: they were portable and they are one of my favorite.  Just kidding. They are already packaged in their own little train cars!
We served "train wheels"- which were all going to be black wheels but I was told that variety was the spice of life...so we had both.
Sandwiches and chips- a crowd favorite...we pretended it was the favorite choice of train engineers everywhere. Cause it is...right?!
Cupcakes are a must-have. Especially the ones that turn your teeth awesome colors.
Extra goodies placed around the place to keep peoples mouths busy. These lanterns {from IKEA} just seemed like a perfect addition to the decor.
And the cake! So cute and so yummy! We had a Mexican vanilla layer and a Oreo layer (or train wheel layer). It was fabulous tasting!

We'll show you some more later...I gotta get off my computer. It's Pioneer Day here in Utah- we are supposed to be doing Pioneer things today (making our own bread and butter, bobbing for apples, etc) and the Internet wasn't a pioneer activity (stinks to be them).

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