Thursday, July 26, 2012

Turning Into A Train Party...Part III

The last of the party details (that we can show with pictures) consist of the goodie bags and a cute addition made by Courtney's hubby.

Our goodie bags were bandannas made to look like something a train-car rider would use (is it PC to say 'hobo'?) We thought we'd forgo the sticks as that at 3 years of age most things are turned into some sort of weapon or device of destruction. ;)

Inside we included some 3 year-old favorites: train whistle, bouncy balls, bubbles, a little snack and some sticky-making suckers.

Look how completely adorable this ladder was for this party!  It worked perfect for holding our bandannas and for hiding the awning columns...or at least dressing them up a bit!

Over at Mindy Mae's blog we'll have another burlap feature from our Saturday link-up!

And some NEW items featured in our store and on facebook!

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