Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Little Something For The Birds...

It's getting to be THAT time of summer. When mom just wants school to start and the kids have exhausted just about every creative thought about what to do for the day. This activity was earlier in the summer. We still had lots to do and more ideas to conquer.

 We started with left-over soda bottles that I had been keeping for just such an activity. We gathered our acrylic paints, some plates {for said paints}, some brushes and some sticks. Sticks. So simple, yet such a main staple of our play repertoire.

We cut holes into the bottles (I did the cutting and no was was willing to help with the picture-taking.) with a stake knife and make 'x' cuts to stick the sticks through- they should go in one side and all the way through to the other side- to give additional balance, I suppose.

After my traditional, "if you get it on your clothes it won't come out", we commenced painting. The paint adhered rather well and we had not one drop on our clothing. ;)

When they finished, we had a lovely assortment of painted plastic re-purposed bottles.

We used 22-guage metal wire to wrap around the tops of the bottles and around the balconey rungs. They've lasted the rest of the summer....

This is right outside our kitchen - we have face the table to look directly out over these cute bird feeders. We may have to head to the library now so that we can identify our little friends!

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  1. And you even caught a pic with the birds using it! Awesome. I'm also ready for school to start, I need them tired out by someone else:)