Friday, August 31, 2012

I wanna...DIT

I went back to work this week. School starts next week but this week I've had trainings and other needed meetings scheduled most of (if not all of) everyday. We've had no medical emergencies this whole summer...until I went back to work.

This was Tuesday. Five stitches external, three inside.
Thursday was another trip to the doctor's office when my children happend upon a hornet's nest whilst on a walk with my {poor, sweet} Sister-in-law. Picture a newlywed woman without children of her own yet, trying to calm and gather FOUR frantic- bee following children. THEN keeping them that way and getting them to a vehicle around the block. AMAZING. Perfect execution.
So...crafting has slowed for today. Next up:  This DIY Spoon Mirror....I have some ideas for it in my classroom. Pretty excited.

Also getting ready for our upcoming BOUTIQUE! So excited- it's been a while!

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