Friday, August 24, 2012

Fancified Frames....Via Individual Rivalry and a DIT (Do-It-Too)

My friend Sheena from Individual Rivalry made this incredible frame on her site. I had to try it! I was fantastic - a frame and some glue. I decided to try it.

I had this old frame- completely nondescript. I wanted to use it for a really cute quote I hope to print.

I took Sheena's advice on her site and decided to give puff paint a go. I happened to have some from a craft I started and ended up going in another THAT ever happens, right?! {Gee, can you GUESS which holiday it MIGHT have involved?}
I'm not a great artist. My designs are not fantasmic. I know. I tried to copy a frame that I found on the Internet. This is to inspire YOU, okay?

I did the whole frame...I found that the different bottles had different 'flow'. The red came out more prone to air bubbles and splatters. I recommend buying at least two so that you can cover the entire frame and so that you have other means in which to fix flubs.

After the puff paint dried I took it into my garage and gave it ONE {yay!} coat of spray paint.

I did a few more small touch ups- just in case. (Actually, my youngest decided to pick some of the puff paint off and I had to do damage control.)

So now I need to find my way to a printer... but meanwhile- start thinking up some neat twists to this here terrific idea- Thanks Sheena!!

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  1. WOW!! THis is awesome!! I am gonna try this one too!! I love all the things you do in your blogs, you rock!! Thanks