Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bride and Groom Moss Initals

Howdy. My little brother got married a bit back {last month} and I thought I'd share a simple, cute and {eh-hem} cheap way to personalize any sort of shindig you might be hosting.

First. You might be inclined to purchase the metal letters from our shop {HERE}. I did.
Second. I painted said letters green. This just happened to be the green I had available- which didn't require me to change out of my sweats or load up four children in the 100 degree heat and hit the local Lowe's. You can use whatever color you'd like. I did this just-in-case I missed a spot with the moss, or if some fell, or whatever.

  I'm showing you to paint the side that would be facing you- rather than the backside...I think. ;)

Here is the moss that I used. It came in a cute little package. {I actually purchased THREE because I didn't want to have to venture out again (see four kids spill up above).} I found this cute little package in the floral department. I can also tell you that if you are doing a few letters 2-4, for example; ONE package will suffice.

I simply sprayed the painted letter with Elmer's Craft Bond and held the moss in place over the moss, on the letter. I laid out all of the moss {which is why I have craft paper underneath} so that I could pick and choose moss. I assembled the moss probably like one would assemble a puzzle or a rock back splash or whatever.

Here are the two letters finished. I flipped them over after an hour {surprisingly cushion-y} and applied hot glue and a ribbon.

 Be mindful of the length of ribbon and where they will ultimately hang. This would be a sad place to not finish the way that you need it to. ;)

 And there you are. A few letters, a few steps and fewer dollars than on typically might spend!

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