Friday, August 3, 2012

Cupcake Stands -4- CHEAP!

I love cupcakes. I love cakes. I also love stands for cupcakes and cakes. We sell sets of three in our shop {MMM} for quite a price. I thought I'd make a couple of my own cupcake stands.

Our sets of three come in 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Mini.

Plaques for all tastes....and size desires.

I didn't sand these. I probably should have. I probably will later- and follow with some stain or a spray of polyurethane. I took a quick trip to my local craft store and picked up some paint and a brush or two.

I liked the turquoise with this ADORABLE{!!} beaded trim I found in one of the aisles. I was soo excited to find it! It was the perfect touch and for $1.99/yard- of which I bought ONE yard, it was the perfect price, too!

I added the trim with a hot glue gun- carefully folding over the edges of the trim at the corners.  I painted the entire plaque before doing that....and I tried putting velcro on first. {BTW- total craft FAIL. The velcro showed and lifted the trim off more than a fraction of an inch. I was sad. I really hoped to make an interchangable cake stand.) I used E6000 to adhere the candlestick to the plaque but I probably could have just used hot glue (I ran out...WHO DOES THAT? I mean, isn't that like a craft-crime?)

Here's the finished sure I'll be making QUITE a few more! It took me all of thirty minutes!

Up-close and personal! Maybe I'll even make some for a few of my neighbors...I think all together It'll end up that I spend $16 for three {and not all items were used yet-- with left over paint & embellishments}. If you already had those items, it would be even cheaper!

Head over to MMMblog for one more YARN tutorial- which was supposed to be got this one. ;)


  1. Where did you get the wooden candle stick holders?

    1. In our shop!