Monday, August 27, 2012

Just US...thanking YOU.

This picture was taken at Ikea- one of the few trips we've taken to do "fun" stuff. It's currently the best picture we have of the two of us together. Both showered. ;)

I wanted to take a minute to tell you...{because you're reading this} "Thank you". Courtney and I started this amazing journey together with the desire to be creative, to build relationships and to allow us greater control of our own lives.
Mindy Mae's Market has brought all of this into our lives because of YOU. I want you to know that we watch your status updates on Facebook. We celebrate with you and discuss your vents and concerns that you've shared.  We stalk your blogs. We talk about your darling posts and about the ways that you have become endearing to us. We love to see you "take the next step" and branch out. We "awww" and coo over the pictures you post of your babies...human or otherwise. ;)We check out how your giveaways are going (and enter...with hopes of winning). We oggle your projects and make plans to do them, too. We talk about how we can grow with we might be able to help...ways we wish we could help.
Thank you for sharing with us. Thanks for letting our relationships be more than bubble mailers and postage stickers. We appreciate you. We appreciate you investing in us. We want you to know that we try hard. Every. Single. Day. 
We will continue to. That's what you do for people that you care about. :)

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