Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kiddo Craft...Sort of. ;)

I invited a few friends over with the FULL intention of letting the kids do this craft. I was going to visit and oversee the glue-gun usage...that was all. UNTIL my friend starting pulling out all these MMM goodies I have stashed in my office. Add to that the really INCREDIBLE buttons we just got into the shop...we couldn't resist.

We started with the SUPER cute felt MMM just started selling. We each picked a piece and measured on the "wrong" side of the felt- or the side you don't want showing at the very end. We measured 5 1/2 inches by 7 inches - marked the felt with a ball point pin .

I marked mine in a couple places so that I could "connect-the-dots" I used a piece of paper to trace straight measurement lines onto my felt. I cut it out with REGULAR scissors first.

Then I used pinking shears to cut around the outside. You could omit this part, or only do the inside (the opening) part or just the outside edges...whatever!

We folded the felt so that the two shorter sides met up in the center. I put a {little} dab of glue on each of the inside corners of the felt so that it would hold while I sewed. I hate when multiple parts move around when you are trying to complete something.

We all just did a basic stitch. We used some BAKER'S TWINE I had lying around- it was my friend's idea. She's pretty clever.

She mentioned to make sure you start on the inside of the edge when you start so that you don't have the knot on the outside....and to end the same way.

After we sew the ends, we began embellishing! We let the kids tell us what ideas they had for their holders.

Did you spy buttons, ric rac (both BIG and SMALL), baker's twine, buttons...colored, shapes and hearts, lace tape, AND ribbon?  WHEW! It was a FUN, FAST craft and I think we may make some more- after we buy a new glue gun.  Did you know that a glue gun struggles to work properly after a four year-old pulls a half-melted stick out the wrong end? Yeah. I didn't either.

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