Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Turning This Into That....Children's Hutch Re-Do {Part Twoo}

 We ended part 1 with the hutch being painted. I didn't really dig the pink backing. Even with the cool {though unintentional} ombre-esque paint job.  So with a hammer and a block of wood we pulled the nails.

 From there I painted the back with Valspar Blue Oceans Breeze.  I painted this -you guessed it... THREE times!
 Here's the fun part! I had some leftover lace from the tabletops at my brother's wedding that I pulled out.

 I placed it over the top and with white spray paint I sprayed a light mist over the top of the lace, over the top of the blue-painted backing.
 Then I painted it more heavily {which is what you need to do to have the pattern show up}. I pulled the lace off and voila! I had a shabby chic backing for a minimal amount of effort!

 We re-attached the backing to the hutch- nail holes were already made, so it was a breeze!

 I attached some knobs from ceramic roses- which just HAPPENED to match the backing PERFECTLY! {Don't you love it when it all comes together like that?}
 And clear knobs {because more rose ones were too big to close the doors...and it might have looked a BIT overdone.}.

Here it is finished and dressed up a little!  I'm really happy with the amazing details!

Ready for the pink-crazed preschooler I re-finished it for!


  1. This is beautiful!! love the lace detail too!

  2. Lucky kid -this is an amazing re-do! I love how you incorporated those cute knobs!!

  3. Love the lace idea and the knobs!