Thursday, August 9, 2012

Turning Into A Shopper....Orange Finds!

First item found:
This train case from impulseART. My mom had one like this in blue when I was growing up.  I remember sitting and watching her get ready- pulling out each item one by one, applying it and then putting it back into the nice little pockets that line the case. I distinctly remember being very glad it didn't collapse under my weight when I stepped on it on one trip....very sturdy, these train cases.

Second item:
This quaint little tea cup from Ibagley. My mom and dad live in South Korea and bring/send/find all sorts of tea ALL of the time. I figure I might as well look like I have a sense of style while I down the gallons I'd have to drink to free up the shelves in my pantry.

Third item:
From parsonsparlor comes this comfy-looking chair in orange hounds tooth. From the tufts to the buttons and the delicious curves to the dark-stained wants to come to my house.

Fourth find:
This soft and squishy {I can imagine...} ORANGE  rug made from hand-dyed recycled t-shirts. How nice. Just a perfect amount of POP for where-ever! OH! From talkingsquid.

Last find {for now}...
A custom-made version of Marilyn Monroe's dress from "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds"- how AMAZING is that?!?! I never even THOUGHT...FATHOMED...CONSIDERED! I love it and all I'd have to do is pony up the cash. {ahem.} This opportunity can be found with DaintyRascal.

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