Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Livening Up My Laundry Room

 This little project has been long time due. I purchased this vinyl from Pick Your Plum, oh, about a year ago. I bought TWO, actually. I usually do- just in case I mess up, I need a gift, I come up with a super-duper double idea...you know what I'm saying, I'm sure.

SO, unlike Artsy-Fartsy Mama, my vinyl was black to start with. I had these cute plaques already cut for me...they had a white laminate on them...so I worked with what I had. I first applied the {black} vinyl. Then I sprayed them with Krylon primer. Then when that dried {I think...I get kind of impatient.} I spray painted them with color. I used Valspar colors...if you are interested, let me know and I can get you exact colors.

I let those dry....more or less....and then I OH, SO CAREFULLY {you probably don't need to be soo careful if you let them dry properly} peeled the vinyl away from the plaque showing the white that I started with.

I did this thee times...one with each of the colors and plaques...to get this:

Then I had to hang them. I KNOW I pinned a pin SOMEWHERE about using soda pop tabs as hanging gear...or whatever the proper term SHOULD be. I just so happened to have hung on to a tab or three from a lunch this last week. {Not all mine...just two. ;)} 

 I couldn't find my trusty staple gun so I pulled out my next best option below  the hot glue I was also out of.

I let that dry as long as I could stand {a couple of hours because I left the house}. I used regular ole nails to attach them to the wall. I particularly liked using the pop tabs because I could 'mark' the wall with them to indicate where I wanted to hammer my nails.

 I hung these at about 1 am in the morning. After finishing some shipping for the store. Interesting that only ONE person woke up...to hammering...in the house...in the middle of the night.
I now don't think dirty laundry is my most pressing of my problems. ;)

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