Friday, August 17, 2012

Inspired Glittered Trivet- Do-It-To!

I totally LOVED the glitter craft we featured HERE. It being a new school year and I, needing to dress up my classroom a bit, decided to give this here tutorial a go.

I started with some trivets I picked up from IKEA- with the intent of doing something like this...but didn't.

I used acrylic paint- we've tried spray paint before but felt like it kept getting absorbed into the cork. That didn't happen with the acrylic paint. I used a simple sponge brush and it applied beautifully.

I let it dry on a paper plate- this also allowed me to get around the edges....completely.

Using painters tape and a marked out section on my countertops {maybe I shouldn't replace them...} I measured and cut equal lengths of the tape to construct the pattern.

Here it is applied....

I poured glue into a -small- bowl. I tend to over-estimate my needed craft supplies and I didn't want to have a ton left over after this...for now. At least until I knew it would work for me.

My school colors are orange and we picked out blue glitter.

The glue was easy enough to apply...I was worried about it leaking under the tape {which it did a little} and there not being enough glitter.

This is after it dried, tape removed and a bit of the excess "leakage" rubbed off. I do like it. I think I may use tackier tape next time and add more glitter to my glue mix but over all a pretty good first try.

We did glitter over at MindyMaes Blog today, too. Check it out. It's pretty cute.

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