Monday, August 6, 2012

Thumb-body Loves You!

I love this thumbprint necklace that I found {Here}. I just couldn't justify that kind of cost for it. 

I decided to make my own...times four. My little brother used to make me necklaces to match my more casual dance outfits when I was in high school. He used to roll the bead with craft clay that he would bake in the oven. He used to make all sorts of things. Which gave me an idea....

I headed out and took a gander at the local craft store and found me a couple of clay colors that I fancied.

I returned home and pulled out some parchment paper, a rolling pin, a cookie cutter {of sorts}, some letter stamps and the clay.
 I pulled a portion of the clay out of the package and I started to knead it- just with my fingers until it was more pliable. When it warmed up I rolled it out with my rolling pin on the parchment paper.

 Once it was rolled out, I used my lid to cut a circle out and called my little ones to do their part.

I had my kiddos wash and dry their little hands- mainly because they had been eating Cheetos and I though I love orange, I didn't want this one THAT orange.

I had the girls press their thumbs in the pearl colored clay and the boys on the metallic gray.
 Once they were done leaving their imprints I stamped each of their charms with their nicknames. {Something to consider: I put the letters on the side that will end up being upside-down to everyone else. Be aware of the letter stamp direction and readability.}
 I wanted to make sure that the necklace holels were big enough. - Double check yours- and I removed the toothpicks from the charms before I put them in the oven.
 I put the charms on the same parchment paper I had rolled and cut them out on on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven for 10 minuted {at 300 degrees}.

 I picked this one up off the cookie sheet almost immediately- look how cute!

 Here's the four of my charms together. I love it! Way less expensive than the metal version, easier to make and faster, too!  Just my style. ;)

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