Friday, June 1, 2012

Nikki's Niche- Bathroom Sign Repurpose

Here's a pre-silhouette-esque tutorial for you.... Something for EVERYONE to do with the simplest of tools....paper, printer and a STEAK knife! Yeah, you read right.

I started with a bathroom fixture...not sure how I got it or where it came from. It was a little too flowery for my husband's taste...
I started by spray painting this part turquoise.
While that dried I washed a section of a military parts sorter that we've used for a variety of projects in our house.
It used to be a divider between some shelves.
I printed off a a design {which, yes, is from a silhouette} in segments so that it was big enough to cover the area I wanted to paint.

I taped it down to the metal so that it wouldn't move.
And then, using the stake knife you see in the upper corner of the picture, I preceded to cut the letters from the paper. To be honest, it worked fabulously!
I painted the letters with acrylic paint- probably not my best choice (I'd love advice on other options for next time).

I wanted a little more color I reapplied the paper pieces and took it back outside to spray paint.
It certainly looked more "rustic".
I took a sander to it.
I was pleasantly surprised to find a little red under the green paint.
We trimmed the edges a bit so that it would fit better into the center of the holder.
And here it is...the first of my downstairs bathroom...stencil-cut with a steak knife and painted with dollar-store brushes.

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  1. I love it!! I've been petitioning for a Silhouette for ages... my husband, Santa... the tooth fairy (well, maybe I wouldn't give up a tooth for one). I did get a great utility knife set from my mom that works awesome for cutting out stencils, though - you really CAN do a lot with the basics! What font is that, anyway?

    Happy Hour Proejcts