Friday, June 8, 2012

Nikki's Niche- Buckle-Up Bracelets!

Top o' the morning! I wanted to explore a couple of different options with the Buckle-Up Bracelets...just to spark your imagination!

For the first braclet- I chose white, I used some purple washi tape- which you can purchase in our store.

I laid the bracelet right down the center of the tape and wrapped the bracelet as best as I could.

The were still edges not quite laying flat...I wanted it to adhere, but not get sticky later and not be a total mess to I opted for clear fingernail polish.

I layered it- putting down the first layer and waiting until it got tacky...then pressing any edges sticking up back down and then coating it will a second layer of polish.

Then I just let it dry.

Second option:

I used a large cabochon I had left over from another project...
 Here it is in relation to a small cabochon you'd get in one of our assortments.
 I used a hot glue gun and a small piece of felt to secure the cabochon to the bracelet.
 Taking pictures with one hand proved to be a bit tricky....

Option 3:

I had some fabric flowers...added a shoe clip....

 Added the bucklet bracelet....
 And you're done!

So here were three, quick, easy and customizable bracelet options to apply to YOUR Buckle-Up Bracelets!

Okay...I couldn't resist one more. I put three together and made a cute headband...

 You can control the size simply buy taking more in on each side

 There you have MY take on these fun little belt-like buckle bracelets!