Monday, May 21, 2012

Nikki's Niche....Winding Up for A Wedding!

My youngest brother (I have four) is getting married in June. I am fortunate to be gaining a sister and a crafty one, at that!  We decided we wanted to capitalize on the mason jar trend (and the DARLING lids we sell at Mindy Mae's Market).

One of the items we wanted to create were luminaries to hang around the festivities.

We started with a clean mason jar, some lace yardage- she picked on with a darling edge- that we trimmed down...
 to about 5 1/2- 6 ". We tried to fit it within the curve of the jar to keep the lace from puckering.
 We cut the lengths about 12 1/2 inched so that the edges met up in the back. 
 We used SMALL pieces of scotch tape to adhere it.
 We used white spray paint and found that far and light showed the most detail...but also got further outside "the lines" of the lace.

 Removing the lace shortly after spraying allowed it to not stick to jar.

 Here's the first of many, many glass luminaries we will be competing.
 We added a wire top and a tea light- possibly we'll add Epsom salts, too.
Step one started....;)