Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nikki's Niche- Washi YOUR Window!

IMG_4304I started with a window we will be replacing in the future- how FAR in the future, I don’t know. I wanted to do something to perk it up and hide the broken glass (inherited when we purchased the home).
I started applying washi tape in strips- taking time to line up the polka-dots (it was easier when it was light outside (the outside light made the polka-dots more visible).
IMG_4307Here’s where I stopped for the night. I had only used just over half of my washi tape roll! (Now I’m scoping out other ways to use it and accent the rest of the room.)

I started the next day measuring the window to find midpoints, horizontally and vertically; top and bottom. We drew light pencil lines a couple of inches from the bottom straight across horizontally and then one down the center of the window (be sure to notate where these two meet.)IMG_4308                                         IMG_4311
Then I measured the diameter of the clear cup I was using (this is hubby- he takes over when he thinks I’m doing things wrong…that’s quite often…and sometimes on purpose.)  We used the same pencil to mark the diameter…act as if the lip of the cup was a compass…make a mark at North, South, East and West.                                                                             IMG_4310IMG_4309

Starting in the center of the window and at the middle of the window-  line up North and South of the cup on this line. Then match up East and West on the horizontal line drawn in the beginning.IMG_4315

Once you are lined up, lightly trace the bottom of the cup. Decide on the distance you’d like between the scallops…continuing to use the East-West line as a guide on the window and your East-West marks on your cup as well. Once you’ve finished in one direction, start on the opposite side.
Using a razor blade, we cut out the scallops and then peeled the remaining washi tape off!

Here’s a couple of shots of it for you! I love it- not too much, not too little- and not taking up space in a room that doesn’t have much to spare! Plus, if I decide I don't like's an easy fix!:)

Items Used:
Washi Tape from Mindy Mae’s Market
pencil, ruler, clear cup, razor blade


  1. I love it! We have a broken window too, and this might be perfect for hiding it until we can get it replaced!

  2. Shut your mouth-- this is Awesome! What a great use for that Cute Washi tape! I am loving that stuff!! Super Adorable!!