Friday, May 18, 2012

Nikki's Niche- Metal Letter...Craft Fail...

Lest you think ALL crafting is perfect...I thought I'd show you my latest and not so greatest. I had this vision of a darling Pink and White Chevron 'W' on a burlap wreath I had made (without taking pictures {GASP!})

My Silhouette isn't I resorted to the "old school" way of cutting vinyl. I printed out the shape from my Silhouette first.

Then I made sure it would fit my vinyl piece and my pre-painted letter 'W'.

Then I began cutting- note the safety scissors. These are the result of  more haircuts, furniture slashes and rock-star-esque wardrobe re-dos. At least I'm safe.

Now. Take note. What you see here IS NOT what you'll get. You'll get the opposite. This, my friends is what I WANTED it to look like...{sigh}.

I was soo anxious to start...I decided to PAINT it instead (the vinyl was more than I was ready for tonight). I took the letter outside, placed the vinyl - with backing still on it- as a template and sprayed.

This is what I got. Opposite of what I wanted. Boo.

Here is the wreath it will reside in after I redo the paint...

Happy Friday All...I bet you need it as much as I do! ;)


  1. I can't wait to see it! The burlap looks awesome!

  2. I just got my metal letters today, and I was totally going to leave them plain silver, but now you've made me want to paint them for sure! What color is that, and what kind of paint did you use?