Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Morena's Corner: Easy-Peasy and SUPER CUTE Headband Tutorial

Are you ready for an incredibly easy headband tutorial?  This project is so quick that it will probably take me longer to blog about it than it took to make!

You will need ribbon, fold over elastic (FOE), and thread & needle (or sewing machine if yours isn't still waiting to be unpacked like mine is!)

Cut ribbon and FOE.  I measured from the back of one ear, over my head to the back of the other ear for the ribbon. 

  Sew the wrong sides together and then turn inside out.

 Cut three lengths of ribbon as shown to make the bow.

 Make your large loop first.  Fold the ends of the ribbon into the middle and overlap slightly.
Repeat with the other ribbon strip.

 Use the shortest ribbon strip to cover the middle of the bow.  Sew into place.  Finally, sew the bow onto the headband.

And you're done!  Wasn't that easy?

 A heck of a lot easier than getting a two year old to hold still for a picture!

 I have been making them in tons of colors with this gorgeous twill ribbon I bought from Mindy Mae's Market!

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  1. Thank you for featuring my tutorial! I have so many plans for the twill ribbon...it's scrumptious!!

  2. These are so cute! Love 'em!!!

    Great job!

  3. I really love this simple project, Morena! :)

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