Friday, May 25, 2012

Nikki's Niche- Wrapping Paper Wreath...Cabochon Style!

I LOVE doing crafts will items I haven't really used...or tried to use and failed....which brings me here.

I started with some wrapping paper I purchased up at Swiss Days a couple of years ago and a wreath I started for St. Patrick's Day and never finished- and my toddler has been playing with it.

I cut strips about 3 inches wide down the length of the wrapping paper.
I folded in the side of paper to get a more "finished" look.

The I folded down the other side.

I began by gluing the first paper strip to the back of the wreath and then wrapped it around and around the form.

I started the new strips right over the top of the last strip and kept on wrapping. Until I got this:

I added cabochons. I started with some of the largest ones.

I wanted a random, colorful mix....then I used some left-over ric-rac from MMM.

Here's my bright, fun accent wreath!

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