Friday, May 11, 2012

Nikki's Niche-Writing on the {Bathroom} Wall!

In an attempt to organize my bathroom, I color coded my children's things. Pink, Blue, Purple, and Green now mean something more than colors...they constitute ownership in my house. We had some vinyl for sale in the store a little while back and I kept one. It was black vinyl, though. I'm kinda on a boycott from black right here's my solution:

I started with some left over planks from a barn-dooresque project I'll showcase in the future. You use any type of plank, really. These were already screwed to a smaller, unifying board on one side.
I taped off the neighboring plank and started painting
 (after I measured the size of the vinyl on the boards for a stopping point).
I did the outsides first and worked my way in...

Then I sanded it to make it look a little "old".
Then hubby helped me drill screws in {it actually is nice being able to JUST take pictures...not trying to drill AND take pictures}in an un-uniform way. ;)

Then I was banned from power tools and hubby cut the planks with a jigsaw.
I instructed him to cut them uneven. ;)  I like things "imperfect".
Then we..I mean HE sanded the bottom of the sign. 
I {yes, me} then applied the vinyl to the sign. 
Then I spray painted the whole sign. I didn't completely, totally cover it with white because I wanted it to look a little worn.
After it dried a little, but not completely, I peeled the vinyl off of the sign. 
This is what it looked like..I sanded it a little bit more and was finished!
I'll show it "in it's place" soon!

Materials used: 
'Bathroom Rules' vinyl from MMM
Pink, Purple, Turquoise and Green Acrylic Paint
White Spray Paint
Hand Sander
8 Screws
6 wood planks (4 for the sign, 2 for support in back)


  1. Oh my this is adorable!! I love the different colors in it!

  2. This turned out so cute!!! Love it! Awesome!!! Those colors are so great!

  3. I am working on one right now but it's not nearly as cute as this one! Great job! Love it!

  4. Love!! I am loving the colors..super cute. and those rules are the best ones I've seen yet!!

  5. I love this! So clever and looks so good!