Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bathroom Bliss!

Bathroom Bliss!
By Morena's Corner

We moved into a new house last year, and I have been eager to make it feel like home.  There is only so much painting and stenciling one can do at first, so in the meantime I am crafting little projects to give our space my touch.  I fell in love with these wood candlesticks at Mindy Mae's Market and decided they would be a nice way to add some interest to my master bathroom.

These candlesticks are so nicely made that I didn't have to sand or prime them.   Two coats of spray paint covered them nicely!

On the left, I simply tied a key charm on with some crinkled seam binding.
In the center, I spraypainted a mini birdcage to match and then glued it on with E6000.
To the right, I made a tulle flower and glued a resin cabochon to the center.

Here I again glued a birdcage on, then adhered some lace to the bottom. 
On the right, I made a tulle bow and glued a paper flower to the center.

Finally, on the left I made a flower topiary, this time by gluing fabric flowers on (see my other tutorial for more details).  In the center and right I made two tulle "poofs" and tied them on.

I hope I've inspired you to try your hand at a little home decorating! 

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