Friday, March 30, 2012

Pure Attraction!

BottleCap Magnets

So... I went on a little magnet frenzy this past weekend and made lots of adorable bottlecap magnets!  Here is what happened...
First, I got an 8x10 steel sheet and two rolls of Washi Tape.  I did a couple strips on the edges to spice up by steel and voila, I have a magnet board. :)

Then, I got together my bottlecaps, epoxy stickers, magnets, and E6000. I couldn't find my 1" round punch so I simply stuck my epoxy sticker down on the paper right where I wanted, and cut around it.  Put a little E6000 inside the bottlecap, dropped in my epoxy (with the scrapbook paper attached) and let it dry.  Then I glued the magnet to the back and I'm done!  These were so simple to make that I got a little carried away...

So super simple...and I love them!  I have no idea what I'll do with 45 magnets but...they're cute!

xoxo, Courtney

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