Sunday, March 18, 2012

BottleCap Chore Chart

Bottle Cap Chore ChartBuy your Bottlecaps and Epoxy Stickers Here
By Morena's Corner

I have implemented a new chore system for my kids. I will be posting about each part of my new system, and today I will start with the easiest component: the bottlecap tokens and "help wanted" tokens.

This is the "help wanted" board. They are extra tasks the kids can choose for additional money.

This is the token board. Each child has one and it's how we determine allowance for the week.

Here are the bottlecap tokens. They are super easy to make!

To make the bottle cap tokens:

1. Use a 1 inch circle punch to cut images from cardstock.
2. Use adhesive (I used Modge Podge) to glue the circle into the bottlecap.
3. If you are adding text, type and print it using your word processor and printer. Cut and glue the text into your bottlecap.
4. I sealed my images with Resin, but it would be so much easier to pop an epoxy cap on top and not deal with bubbles and drying time!
5. Glue a magnet to the back of the bottlecap.

6. Display!

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