Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Knob Jewelry Hanger

Knob Jewelry Hanger

Here's what you'll need:
1. A piece of wood. Mine was 36" in length and 9" wide.
2. Candlesticks. I used one 6" candlestick. (from Mindy Mae's Market)
3. Knobs. (from Mindy Mae's Market)
4. Craft paint.
5. Sandpaper.
6. Wood glue.
7. Drill, a few screws.
8. Hanging hardware.

Step 1: Cut the board into two 18" halves. I liked the 9" width for the top of my shelf and trimmed the other half to be about 4 1/2 inches in width. I now had two pieces, one 18X9 and another 18X4.5. The dimensions are really up to you, though! I cut the remainder into support triangles, which I'll talk about later.

Step 2: My dad, the all-knowing perfectionist when it comes to woodworking came in to inform me that there's all sorts of things I could do to make sure this thing would never come apart. That's where the groove and the small triangle support braces came into the picture. I'm almost certain this is overkill, but I wasn't going to shoot him down while he was trying to help. I know most people don't have access to a table saw, so don't worry about the groove. Screws will secure the two pieces just fine. Anyway, I secured the two pieces together and added the triangles for support using wood glue. If you do use the triangle support pieces, be sure you aren't placing them where your knobs need to come through. I spaced each of my knobs so that the two on the ends were 3" from the end and then put 4" between each knob. The important triangles are the ones that will brace your shelf against the wall, otherwise it will be too top heavy to even stay up.

Step 4: Allow the glue to dry for a few hours. When everything is secured, you can drill your holes into the bottom piece. You could do this before, it doesn't really matter. Again, I spaced each of my knobs so that the two on the ends were 3" from the end and then put 4" between each knob.

Step 5: Once the holes were drilled, I began painting the wood. I started with a coat of dark gray. Since it's just the base coat, it doesn't need to be perfect. I watered it down a little so that a little went a long way. Once this layer has dried, then you can apply your white (or whatever color you'd like) on top. Once this is dry, you can distress it using the sandpaper. I used this same technique on the candlesticks, only I used a peachy color as my top coat.

Step 6: Last, I attached the knobs and hanging hardware. This is part of the reason I designed this the way I did. The knobs stick out in the back, making it difficult to hang flush against the wall. With the wood put together as I've done, you don't need to worry about this. Should you alter it a bit, you'd just need to cut off the excess part of the bolt. I added the candlestick thinking that it could be used for bracelets. I'm not much of a bracelet wearer, but it makes for pretty decoration for me!

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  1. That's so cute! I love the mini topiary too :)