Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dressing up Chalkboards

Reading this blog post from Kelsey at Embracing Messy makes me so happy! :) Love the way she jazzed up the 4x6 Chalkboards that we sold! Check it out and then head over and follow her cute blog!

Daily Chalk Board Calendars

By: Kelsey @  Embracing Messy

Have you all heard of Mindy Mae's Market? If not, you want need to check them out! They're a daily deal site that sells mostly craft supplies for a super discounted rate. But what I love even more is following them on Facebook. Nearly every day they play games with their followers, which includes things like "I'll Take It!" where they post a picture and a price (that usually includes shipping!) and the first to say "I'll take it" get its for the stated price. Dangerous as it may be, you should follow them on Facebook. You won't regret it!

So why am I talking so much about Mindy Mae's? Well I'm fairly certain that any craft I do in the foreseeable future will use something that I've purchased from them. Recently they were selling these adorable 4x6 chalk boards and I just couldn't resist. I bought seven of them so that I could put them on my fridge and make a weekly calendar. Here are a few of my favorites:





Some of the supplies I used included craft paint, doilies, fabric scraps to make rosettes, felt, and magnets. VERY simple :)
Finally, I am teaming up with Mindy Mae's to bring you an awesome contest and a chance to win a gift card to their shop. I can't wait to post the details, but be sure to check back soon or follow on
facebook or twitter for full details!
Kelsey Bevins!

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