Monday, April 9, 2012

Candlestick Ribbon Holder

Check out this stinkin' cute way of keeping track of your ribbon obsession! Or your washi tape obsession..or..or..or...  :)

Look at that lovely tower of ribbon! It reminds me of a tall and skinny layer cake set upon a fancy cake stand. I have seen a lot of great horizontal ribbon organizers, but I decided to take that concept and turn it vertically! This ribbon holder stands nearly 3 feet tall and holds an impressive 27 rolls of ribbon (which is only about half of my ribbon collection, so I foresee another one in my near crafty future)!
I started with a wooden candlestick from Mindy Mae's Market, a 1.5" wooden disk and a 3/8" dowel (cut to approximately 26" long, but you could make it any size you want - just don't go too much taller or it will get wobbly) and gave them all a few coats of watermelon spray paint.
Drill a hole in the center of your wood disk and slide the end of your dowel through the hole about 1". It should be a snug fit to ensure that the dowel will sit straightly and not lean to one side. Fill the well and the rim of the candle holder with hot glue, and attach both the disk and the dowel to the candleholder at the same time. You may need to hold it in place for a few minutes until the hot glue starts to set and firm up. 
Start stacking up all that pretty ribbon, just like a layer cake. Easy peasy, fun and totally functional! I might just have to make myself another one for my growing collection of washi tape as well!


  1. Awesome she did awesome- I love that bright tower of ribbon!!!

  2. Love this idea! So FAB! I found you via the blogloven hop & am now following via blogloven and GFC. Love your place and love for you to check out The Vintage Milk House too! Have a great rest of the week! - Kali