Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Front Door Lovin'

Ursie is amazing and she is the sweetest thing!  She is even kind enough to share her stinkin' cute door decor with us!
I LOVE changing out our front door decor.
I have a feeling this piece will probably stay for a while, it's cute, and super functional!
I'll show ya how I made it! :)

First up, I got these frames at Mindy Mae's Market.
I'm pretty much obsessed with these frames!!! Really.
They are made so nicely, great to paint, cover with paper or fabric, all of which I have done!
I also showed you these pillows I got from them, if you missed it, check out this .
Since this was going on the front door, I didn't want it to over the top or seasonal looking, so I went with a nice aqua blue color.
I painted it front and back.
{see that paint on the table? comes off easy so I didn't mind it getting on our dining room table}.
After it was painted, I got a piece of sheet metal that fit inside perfectly, {this frame was 5x7, although you can do any size}.
I used a thin bead of hot glue in the back to make sure it was secure.
Then I grabbed some sand paper, and roughed up the edges to make it distressed. You could use some distress ink if you'd like, I liked the way that it looked so I left it as is.
You could sand it before you put the sheet metal in, but I was to excited to get it put together! :)
Next up, some flowers....
Since I'm kinda addicted to Mindy Mae's, I have a ton of these sweet little flowers.
They're called Cabochons {I'm yet to figure out how to pronounce that word}.
Anyways, I grabbed a few that would coordinate with the front door area....
so many fun colors to choose from.....
I found these little tiny magnets at my local craft store. They have an adhesive side on them.
They were a bit large for the base of my cabochons, so a scissors took care of that for me!
I stuck the magnets to the flowers.
And got some ribbon to hang the frame from.
Some hot glue adheres the ribbon to the frame.
I hot glued some flowers to the front of the frame. And wa-laa!!!
So cute for the front door.
As I have mentioned before, I use tiny little nails and nail in whatever is on the door on the upper edge of the door...leaving the nail out stick out a bit to be able to pull out, but yet not touch the top of the door frame.
Now we have a message board to add fun little notes on the front door.
I have been known to leave messages for the UPS man, like please walk my box to the door, don't just throw it...
I really have not left that note, although I should!!!!! But really....I asked him to leave my box and signed the paper because I was not sure if it was a signature required item and I was not home.
I was really liking the way that it looked, but it just needed one more touch:
Twine and fabric fix everything!!
I cut some little triangles to make a tiny bunting!
Here it is opened up. Make sure to cut when the fabric is folded.

I just laid the twine along the top of the fold, put some hot glue in there, and squished it together!

I used a dab of hot glue on the back, so if I want to change out the bunting, it will be super easy!

I will be honest, I don't know a Mary, but it was the first name that popped into my head, so I went with it!
I have left an envelope taped to the door before if someone was coming to my house and I was not going to be home. But now, I have a place to put the note!
It even looks super cute with no note!

Like I said, this may stay up for a while, or it would be great to add on the side of the house for notes, if you have a wreath on the door.
I Love Fun and Functional!

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