Monday, April 30, 2012

Frame of Frames

This has been a looong awaited post.  I know I've teased you multiple times with this project but I have been so excited about it that I couldn't keep it to myself..but I also couldn't seem to finish the darn thing!  I still haven't finished it..but I can't finish it for another couple of'll see why, but I couldn't possibly wait that much longer to share!  So... here it is!

So here is what happened...
We were selling those cute frames and I couldn't seem the kick the "need" for a bunch of them.. but I needed a fun way to display them.  Then while at Lowe's, I saw this...

I snatched me up 4 pieces
{after carefully examining all the pieces to make sure I had the very best ones}
We painted them white, measured twice and then cut...twice. ;)

Then I grabbed the stencil I bought from Cutting Edge Stencils
and we painted inside the frame, using the same color white we used for the moulding.

I kind of loved it like this, but knew we couldn't leave it like...
I grabbed 4 measuring tapes and measured them out on the floor.  Then, I arranged {and re-arranged} my frames until I was happy with the way they fit.

As you can see, I ended up changing the layout anyway.  I then put the above image in photoshop and dropped colors on the various frames until I was happy with  what color went where.. I debated on doing patterns, stencils, etc. on the frames but with the stenciling in the background, it just got to be WAY too busy.. So.. I just got to painting...

After I was done painting, I plopped them all back down on the floor
{for about two weeks}.
Finally, I turned them all face down and measured where each keyhole fell within the "giant frame" made from the moulding.

Then we got to hanging...

Don't mind that my house is a complete disaster.. I thought about cleaning up the area but realized... reality is.. my house is a mess - why fake it?!

In the bottom left frame I put chicken wire, where I plan to clothes pin some pictures...
In the bottom right frame I put a sheet of metal, where I plan to magnet pictures...
In the top blue frame, there is also some chicken wire, where pictures will be pinned...
Three of the frames will contain pictures {that are being taken on the 5th, thus the reason I can't "finish" the project yet}
Two frames will contain adorable printouts that I have yet to find!
The top left window was a find at a consignment shop that I spend WAY to much time at..
And the empty space at the bottom.. is for another special project that I hope to share soon {another reason I can't "finish"}!



  1. What a fun idea!! I love the colors you chose!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The colors are awesome and the chicken wire is genius! So cute!

  3. Love it. All of my favorite elements in one project!

  4. Wow, that's HUGE! You can't really tell from the first picture how big it is until you keep reading! I totally love it!

  5. It measures (inside the frame) 55" x 73.5" - I LOVE it!