Friday, April 13, 2012

Just YOURS Phone Cover

Okay, in a search for adorable tutorials that I think are unique and totally fab - Mom 4 Real did NOT let me down! Check out this awesome tutorial on how you can REALLY personalize your phone.  No more spending a fortune on cute covers.. because you can make your very own, very personal, very cute phone cover!

This is one of those projects that I have been dying to do for months, but I was a little scared! There was absolutely no possible way I was paying $50 for the phone case that I actually wanted, so I made my own...complete with my initials on it!

This sweet phone case is made with...wait for it...Paper! I simply laid down a piece of thin scrapbook paper, and traced the phone case. I left about an inch extra of paper all the way around, then painted a thin coat of Mod Podge on the inside of the paper (the white side). If you haven't tried Modge Podge yet, you must do it! It's the best product ever, and I am absolutely not getting paid to say that! Okay...after you paint a coat of Mod Podge on the plain side of your paper, lay your phone case down in the middle, then start pulling it over the edge of the case, and flatten out with your fingers. Now you wait for it to dry...about 2 hours. After it dries, take an x-acto knife and cut (slowly) through the camera lens opening on the case, and the opening for your volume buttons on the case. Once you have done that, paint a thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire case and let dry thoroughly. After your case has dried, use your x-acto knife to trim away any extra paper. I went back the next day and put an additional coat on just to protect it. I also added a vinyl monogram that I cut on my Cricut machine as well.

Please excuse the hideous fingernails...I have been working on many projects.
Also, I had already made my case without taking pictures, because I was concentrating, so these pics are of me showing you how to fold the paper over the case I had already made...they turned out slightly fuzzy because I was holding a camera and folding paper at the same time...can you say multi talented?
I tried this with a very inexpensive case. It took some adjusting, so try not to get frustrated, and maybe get an extra sheet of the same paper ready in case you mess up...I did, and had to start over after the first try.
I absolutely love my case, and nobody else has one exactly like mine! Yay!

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  1. Totally LOVE this! So cute!!

  2. So So cute! Who would have know- you clever lil lady! Nice Jess!

  3. Awesome! I lovit it & I too love MOD PODGE!!! Great idea- thanks for sharing!!! - Kali